Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Road Clean-Up by Tom Allen

Saturday March 28, 2009 the NWPC performed the road clean-up Locator #767 the Tiger Mountain Road.

The Team headed up by Jared Lyman, with team members Chris Roberts, Matt Amend, Nate Rowe, John Mann, Rob Eilers, Arun Moortly , Chris Amonson, and Tom Allen.

We met at the LZ in a mix of rain and snow showers, Heather St Clair drank coffee and encouraged us, while we developed our plan.

The Road clean-up netted 29, 45-gallon bags of garbage, 2 mail boxes that had seen better days, a child’s merry go round, and a lamp shade. We also found at least 50 phone books, and one partial set of yet to be determined bones, has to be close to a record.

Matt noted that only one hypodermic needle was found, and there was a drastic reduction of wine bottles, something we attributed to the economic down turn. Clearly the wine drinking community needs a bail out. Beer cans and bottles seemed to still be going strong with a smattering of lower end whisky bottles. Fast food wrappers and cups where down slightly, but did see an increase in sports energy drink and vitamin drink bottles, brings one to the conclusion that those that want to take care of their health don’t always believe taking care of the environment is also important.

Thanks to all those that helped and it always leaves at least me feeling better after sloshing through a few ditches with my friends.

Tom Allen
For the NWPC