Sunday, October 7, 2007

Prez-Sez, September, 2007

Sad to admit I don’t personally have a lot to report flying-related this month - have been increasingly plagued by day-job, home-life and bad-weather distractions… and with the impending winter months, I’ve all but packed my gear away for another year… “sniff sniff”. Of course I’m really looking forward to the annual Women’s Fly-In / Halloween Party at Chelan end of October - I hope you will all make it there… there hasn’t been a year yet that there wasn’t flying… holding thumbs !

There has been a flurry of late-season activity however, from the Baldy Butte BiWing Fly-in - which sounded like a great event again this year - to many participating in over-the-water SIV clinics at various locations, and a few spectacular surprise days at Tiger, Whidbey and Blanchard to name a few. I was lucky to get a really pleasant visit out to Whidbey the other day, complete with a hike up from the beach (sweat it out !) - still a favorite site - just magical when it works, and always seems worth the trip with good company, flyable or not…

But the rain does have its advantages – it gives us a rest from that irresistible urge to drop anything and everything to get out and fly every time the sun shines… I know I feel so much more relaxed when my wing isn’t whispering to me from the trunk… and also can increase one’s indoor productivity quite a bit. There is good evidence of this in the dramatic increase in non-flying but para-related creativity… just watch for a surge in YouTube video postings, hyper-technical GPS track analysis, PhotoShop paragliding art processing and web-site revisions… all of which contribute greatly to the Annual NWPC Media Awards HINT HINT !– details for this year’s competition will be posted soon, winners announced at the Gala event early next year.

Reminder : Monthly club meeting this Tuesday October 9th at Pogachas7PM this month and until spring. Lots of stories to share (Bali ?!), fun media show (Iain and others), announcements / news for the last few events of the year, and we’ll kick off the election process too.