Monday, October 22, 2007

Tiger Mt. Clean Up

An appreciative “thank you!” goes out to over 30 Club Members and friends who contributed to the Tiger Mountain Clean Up Party on Saturday October 13.

Some of the achievements:

  • Over 20 bags of litter collected from the section of Tiger Mountain Road “adopted” by the Northwest Paragliding Club.
  • Logging road potholes filled.
  • North Launch dunny cleaned.
  • North Launch water tank cleaned of sediment.
  • Overgrown North Launch/Kingdome trail cut back.
  • North Launch trimmed and tidied.
  • South Launch dunny maintained.
  • Staircase at the cut moved and disposed of.

You’re invited…

The vine keeps growing. Continued maintenance is necessary, so feel welcome to volunteer your muscles, materials and machinery for these ongoing tasks, particularly at the launches. Thanks in advance!