Wednesday, January 21, 2009

PREZ SEZ Year End – 2008

PREZ SEZ Year End – 2008
By President Tom Allen

It’s been a year of great flights, the loss of two friends and fellow pilots, and many challenges that were met by the help of our members.

We have several members that have put in a tremendous amount of time for the NWPC and/or improving our sites this year.Ashley Guberman is one that put in countless hours on the key initiative, upgrading our website, doing the leg work that allowed the club to vote on issues, standing up for the membership’s financial interests and giving time at most of the events that required volunteers.

Amy Heim has put in hours and money organizing events that helped the club earn the funds that have been spent maintaining and improving Tiger and other several other sites. She isn't even a pilot. We thank Rick Hubbard for the tremendous amount of time involved in finding and installing the expansion of the Astroturf on North launch, and maintaining the Poo Poo Pt. outhouse with some other low life help. Rick is also the one that did the repairs on the trailer when the tongue was broken. Paying for that would have been several hundred dollars. Rick has also done almost every welding job on Mike’s trucks when they start to come apart.

Kevin White has put in time repairing shuttle vehicles, in less than ideal conditions, in a time frame that usually requires lots of cash to be paid out. He did a wonderful job organizing and making the Women's fly-in at Chelan one of the best. Steve Accord’s invaluable help at the Tiger fly-in, his help with the Tiger Shuttle communications and his timely updates from his window at Costco are much appreciated. Chirico gave the club at least $1,500 dollars worth of tandems and also flew all day at our fly-in, as did several other tandem pilots. Marc and Lan also provide power, chairs and shade at the Tiger fly-in, along with many of the tools for the work parties.

Greg Newhall found us at least a $1,000 dollars worth of tires and rims as a donation from Shuttle Express when Mike’s tires where slashed. Bob Hannah has certainly stepped up this year and helped Mike Miller on several occasions and allowed the shuttle to operate. He also helped with maintaining the Tiger logging road. James Bender cleared the Tiger logging road for us during last winter’s wind storms and has provided us with the south launch relief station, much appreciated by many. And I still look at our kiosk as something that could only be a gift - we sure couldn’t have purchased a piece of art like that.

Kurt, Bob, Marc and all the others that drove the shuttle and gave up their flights during Mike’s absence. Sid Lindquist made a tremendous upgrade of parking at Tom Wake’s place or the Blanchard LZ. He not only spearheaded the project, provided the expertise and equipment, performed the work with the help of many of the Boundary Bay pilots, “North Guys”, but also fronted the money for the project. I’m not sure he isn’t still holding the bag on the money issue. Lynn Bentley organized the Baldy Fly-in again this year, building it into a major event with assistance from Bob Bunger, Naomi and Peter Gray, and of course Rich Hass. Lynn has also spent many hours in her continued work trying to secure McDonald as a site.

Rich Hass has spent many hours and dollars representing us at the national level with USHPA. He also has dealt with many of the operational and personality issues in the NW. And he got into this for enjoyment? Special thanks to the Flying Scotsman and Flying Pastor - Iain Frew and David Norwood - for their continued communications and promotion of the sport in such a positive manner.

I know I’ve missed contributors. Please let our community know those that made a difference to you in 2008.

May the thermals be large and the ridge lift abundant for your flights in 2009. I would also ask that you please join us for the NWPC Awards Gala January 23 for memories of flights, friends and a few deserved awards.

Tom Allen for the NWPC