Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ray Kehl and Carl Bevis XC at Lakeview, OR

Sent by Steve Roti:

The cross country season is on in Lakeview. Yesterday (June 10) Ray Kehl and Carl
Bevis, both from Seattle, and I flew from Black Cap to the north end of
Abert Rim, just over 38 miles. We launched around 3:00 pm, landed at
5:45 pm, maximum altitude was 12,175′ (Ray), and the biggest thermal
climbs were 1300 fpm. I didn’t get any photos on the first half of the
flight, but here are some photos from the second half of the flight
along Abert Rim and Abert Lake.


Thanks to Mark Webber for the ride up to launch and to Chip Miller for
the retrieval.