Thursday, June 15, 2006


Use of the road for drive up access to Poo Poo point was negotiated between the DNR and the HG/PG Clubs (NWPC and CBCC). Over the years, keys have been issued for a $50 deposit. Unfortunately, keys have been shared, passed on, lost, even allegedly copied, and we no longer have an accurate record of key holders.

Because the use of the road is a privilege that the DNR grants to the HG/PG Clubs, the Boards of those clubs in turn have a responsibility to extend that privilege with care. This initiative has three parts:

  1. Key holders reconciliation
  2. Statement of key holder requirements and expectations
  3. Addressing road maintenance

If you have an original key you have two options:

  1. Return the key (and yellow dashboard tag) for your $50 deposit
  2. Keep the key, register yourself, agreeing to abide by the requirements

Statement of key holder requirements:

  • current paid-up membership of either NWPC or CBCC
  • display of the yellow laminated authorization dashboard tag while on the logging road
  • abiding by the rules of the logging road (speed limits, etc.) including a signed form on record
  • agreement not to share the key with non members, pass it on, or make copies

In an effort to improve and maintain the road, the board is also considering implementing annual dues for key holders. the details have not been resolved yet, and key holders will be given ample notice to either pay dues or return their key for the deposit.

So, we need to hear from everyone who has a key, whether or not they want to keep it, or return it for the deposit. if you know of anyone who has a key, but might have moved away, changed contact details, or doesn’t read these newsgroups, please pass this notice along to them. Spread the word!

Finally, we need to resolve this within a finite period of time, so all keys will have to be either returned or registered by July 31st - i.e. 45 days. After this time, failure to have registered a key will forfeit the $50 deposit.

Send the key and tag to:

Treasurer at NWPC
PO Box 2265, Issaquah, WA, 98027-0102

Your $50 will be promptly refunded or Email that you hold a key and intend to keep it (verify the key/tag number, current NWPC membership and current contact details)

Thanks for your cooperation on this,

Kingsley Wood

Vice President NWPC BOD