Monday, September 22, 2008

Baldy Fly-in Sept 27th/28th

Come one, come all, to the 3rd Annual BiWing Fling at the Baldy Butte Oktoberfest fly-in! Site details and directions can be found at under site guides.
This is a playful competition that pairs up a hang glider pilot with a paraglider pilot in scoring points. That’s okay if you don’t know a pilot of the other breed, we will match you up at the event.
Remember you need to be a NWPC and USHPA member to fly here and have signed a waiver and had site orientation by an approved member or you will be in hot water!. Its easy to do this so come and fly a new site and meet new people.
Here is how the competition will work:
Each pilot scores points for simple contests (really simple! – see below).
At the end of the day, both pilot’s scores are combined for a team score. Highest team score wins!
First and second place teams have their choice of prizes which include Flytec’s Windwatch Pro ($179 retail) and Flytec Sonic varios ($189 retail), and personalized BiWing Fling logo jackets, to name a few.
A few guidelines:
- Register early on Saturday!
- You don’t need to know the other pilot to participate. Your names are matched up when you register and your scores are combined at the end of the competition.
- Best scores from each pilot will be used for total combined points.
- The Speed Glide will be scored on Sunday (for those who don't stay up late draining the keg on Saturday)
- Prizes awarded at breakfast on Sunday.

Highest Altitude - GPS or Vario for validation.
1000+ foot gain            100 points
750+ foot gain                75 points
500+ foot gain                50 points
250+ foot gain                25 points
100+ foot gain                10 points

2) Longest Duration - GPS or Vario for validation.
3.0 hours                       180 points
2.5 hours                       150 points
2.0 hours                       120 points
1.5 hours                       90 points
1.0 hour                        60 points
1/2 hour                        30 points

3) Spot Landing Points
Bulls Eye                   100 Points
1st Circle                   75 Points
2nd Circle                  50 Points
Grass Field                10 Points

4) Landing Style Points
Great landing             100 points (safe, controlled)
Fair landing                50 points (unstable approach, whack)
Poor landing- 25 points (unsafe, out of control)
Crash landing             0 points (self explanatory)

5) Pylon Tag -    Spot the pylons, unscramble the letters and you have the secret code. “Drink your Ovaltine.”
Spotting and identifying:
3 Pylons                    75 Points
2 Pylons                    50 Points
1 Pylon                      25 Points
Unscrambling the letters to make a word or phrase        100 points
*Honor system applies.

6) Speed Gliding – Sunday Morning Leave the LZ early morning (check in Saturday night for departure time).
1st Place                   250 Points
2nd Place                  150 Points
3rd Place                   100 Points
4th Place                     50 Points
Just showing up             5 Points

Extra Credit Points: (These make a huge difference at the end of the day!)
7) Team Spirit
Team cheer                50 Points to the team
Team Name               25 Points to the team
Costume/decoration    25 Points to the pilot

8) Cross Pollination Points: 100 points
This is the most fun! If you’ve ever wanted to see what the other wing is like, DO IT HERE.
Let us know at registration you would like to CROSS POLINATE and we will match you up with a tandem pilot. It’s a WIN-WIN because each of you will score 100 points for your teams.
I’ll never forget para pilot Tom Allen flying tandem with hang pilot Sunny Jim in his Rastafarian costume, smoking a joint (not a real one of course!)
(We reserve the right to change any of the above to meet the needs of the judges.)
This is an excellent opportunity to meet other pilots and to learn more about how the two flying communities can play well together!
I am heading over early on Friday so email me, or call me with any questions before Friday.
Hope to see you there for all the fun!

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