Monday, January 14, 2008

Prez-Sez, January 2008

Greetings from your incoming president, Tom Allen.

At the December club meeting and the Gala, our new board of directors was announced. I would like to make sure all our club membership knows who their representatives are as we move toward the flying season in 2008.

Our Directors at Large are Gordon Grice, Beth Friesen, and Arun Moorthy. Both Gordon and Beth bring valued experience, and Arum needed energy. Newsletter Editor is the irrepressible Iain Frew, again with boundless energy. Secretary is a succinct and positive Joanne Blanchard, and Treasurer is our own conservative banker, Jared Lyman. Ashley Guberman fills VP with a conciliatory no nonsense style, bringing experience running our elections in the past and our web page.

They will all work to keep me in line this year as we move into a more structured relationship with the Department of Natural Resources at Tiger Mountain.

I feel lucky to have such a talented group of pilots to work with. It’s a group that I think represents all the interests of our club and who, based on our first meeting, are not hesitant to bring those ideas into play.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the NWPC and Kingsley for the President’s Award for contributions to the community. I feel I gain much more than I give to the NWPC and the flying community, both in the friendships I enjoy and the freedom of flight that brings us all together. Thanks to all of you for the friendships and to many of you that have tried to help me become a more proficient pilot.

I encourage you all to post details of your flights, accounts of your winter flying trips, and your opinions.

And lastly, this year we will have each board member write a Prez Sez or monthly message. This allows each to put into writing what is important to them, and for our membership to gain insight into your representatives for the year.
Call me if you see some sun.


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