Friday, December 7, 2007

Prez-Sez, November, 2007

Let me start off with an apology for total radio silence in November – I skipped a Prez Sez, and I was going to re-use a famous prior Prez Sez by once President Gordon Grice (back in 2004? Anyone remember it ?) but thought better of it… anyway, suffice to say I’ve been very busy with work, and other indoor pursuits – not a bad thing for this time of year and the kind of weather we’ve been experiencing… haven’t flown since Chelan ! 6 weeks and counting ! Agghghgh ! Hats off to all you brave souls that have continued to get air-time in amongst the rain, snow and gale-force winds… Brrrr !

This will also be my last Prez Sez, as we near completion of our annual Election cycle (have you VOTED yet ?) and I’ve decided not to stand as a candidate for the 2008 BOD. While the events surrounding the disruption of the 2007 BOD have been (seemingly endlessly) discussed and for the most part put behind us, I have decided not to skip this opportunity to make a final comment and some observations. There are, I believe, some incidents that ought not to go without something being said about them. Sweeping unacceptable statements and behavior under the rug isn’t an approach I support - that leads to a false sense that those actions have been excused, or at least forgotten, i.e. accepted, which by their very definition, they have not. Of course, we all have our personal perspectives on reality, but when there is clear upset and disjoint within any community, that isn’t a good thing. Moves that perpetuate that kind of unpleasant environment, through intolerance of differing approaches, false accusations and insinuations or simply disrespecting honestly earned success, ought to be called out and blocked. ‘nuff said.

Now we look to a New Year and a newly elected BOD for 2008. If you haven’t done so already – please VOTE! in the next 24 hours ! Voting closes tomorrow, Dec 8th for the NWPC 2008 BOD. Thanks to all those who have volunteered to stand for election to next year’s BOD ! Show them your support by voting, please. And don’t miss the Final Club Meeting of 2007 – Tuesday December 11th 7pm, as always at our friendly Pogachas in Issaquah, where the results will be reported and the 2008 Club Officers will be announced. (I regret that I won’t be there to congratulate them – whisked away on travel for work again next week… gotta pay the bills J !).

And now on to the really fun stuff… or as much fun as you can have without flying anyway… If you haven’t been closely following the great work that our oh-so-special para-maniac Iain “Frewsy” Frew has been doing lately, you might have missed his generous contribution to the wonderful world of para-photography (click here at your own risk !) Thank goodness this is in the “People” and not the “Manipulated” Category… Anyway, this is our annual (now 3rd !) NWPC Media Awards and Iain is running it this year, but we need LOTS of submissions to make it really worthwhile. I doubt there is a single reader without at least one picture to send in – so click here, click “new email” (near top left of your monitor somewhere) and send something in. I’m sure you could do it in the next 60 seconds ! go on - do it ! I challenge ya !

2007 NWPC Media Awards Winners will be announced and awards presented at the Annual NWPC Awards Gala ! Our wonderful Para-Divas Cheryl and Amy (and others) are engineering a fun evening for January 4th 2008 (7pm) at the Bellevue Convention Center. Invitations and details will go out soon by e-vite so save the date (another quick click on your calendar – do it now !) and join everyone for the evening. As always, there will be cool videos, para-photography, awards and music, a great meal, cash-bar and you even dress nice ! bring a date, bring three, wear a tie or your best hiking boots, just plan on being there !

See you all in 2008 at the Gala !