Friday, June 29, 2007

2007 Bali Paragliding Tour, with Matty Senior

This September I am organizing a paragliding trip to Bali. Of all the places in the world I have flown, Bali is by far my favorite. It’s flyable about 28 out of 30 days during the dry season and is warm, tropical and cheap. There are three flying sites in Bali: Timbis, Candi Dasa and Mt Batur. Timbis is a 20km long ridge soaring site (Almost twice as long as Saddle Mt) that is flyable for about 6 hours a day. Candi Dasa is a 1000 foot high coastal mountain that also works on the trade winds of the dry season. Flying here usually involves soaring up to cloud base in butter smooth air and flying out over the ocean sometimes as high as 2000 feet. Mt Batur is a volcano in the center of the island and involves an early morning 1 hour hike to the summit. Flying from here will be an experience you’ll never forget. To see more about these flying sites check out the movies I made on YouTube. Enter mattysenior to find them.


The dates for the trip will be the 14th - 25th of September actually in Bali. China Airlines has the best price for the most efficient route to Bali, connecting through Taipei. It is possible to fly with 4 or 5 other airlines to Bali, but I think you’ll find they will either cost you more, or have you make more layovers on the way.

The cost of the trip is $750 per person and $550 for a second person sharing the same room. This includes:

  • Your own air conditioned room at the Puri Jimbaran for 7 nights.
  • 3 nights at the Pondok Bambu Seaside Bungalows in Candi Dasa. Sharing three person bungalows between two.
  • 1 night in a hotel at the base of Mt Batur.
  • At least one tandem flight at Timbis.
  • Pickup and drop off from the Denpasar Airport.
  • Vehicles, drivers and retrieval service.
  • Site guidance, and launch assistance from at least two instructors.
  • Breakfast everyday.
  • Optional side trips to some cool things to see in Bali:
  • Uluwatu Temple and Kecap Fire-Dancing ceremony
  • Dreamland beach
  • Ubud craft markets
  • Monkey Forest
  • Traditional Village
  • Snorkel or dive a wreck covered with reef and fish
  • Seafood banquet on the beach
  • World famous Uluwatu surfing beach

The max number of people will be twenty and a $200 deposit is required to secure a spot. I will be arriving in Bali at least 1 week ahead of schedule to organize the logistics and fly a little; if anyone wants or needs to arrive early, then that option is also available.

If anyone has any further questions about the trip, please feel free to contact me via email at