Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tiger Mt. Road Challenges

The front page of this week’s The Issaquah Press features an article about the storm-damaged Tiger Mountain logging road. Cover boy is Michael Miller, assessing the damage, with the headline, “Road to Poo Poo Point remains impassible”. Heather and Michael enjoy a break

Our Club President, Lynn Bentley, recently met with the local paper to discuss the challenges faced by Michael and fellow pilots this season. You can read the story here.

An appreciative “thank you!” to everyone contributing and working behind the scenes to keep the Shuttle operational: Heather Cole of Washington’s Department of Natural Resources, Michael Miller, Tom Allen, Bob Hannah and Lynn Bentley. These photographs capture part of the work done to move the Shuttle across the bridge.

Heather with heavy equipment
Michael with heavy equipment

Bob successfully drives the Shuttle over the bridge

More work for Tom, Heather and Bob